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Our History


The Ark Early Learning Ministry was founded in 1987 in the small rural community of Middletown, IN. Our first director worked closely with the children and the church to create a program that was beneficial to not only the children, but worked to provide a Christian education and environment that would stick with them through this crucial time of development. Their original goal was to make sure that their own children were receiving high quality care, but it quickly became more.

Over the years, the program flourished, becoming one of the best rated daycare/preschool programs in Middletown. The church reached out to not only their members, but the members of the community and encouraged them to bring their children in. The word spread, and not only were there children from Middletown, but from Anderson, New Castle, Muncie, and even Pendleton. Our past directors constantly worked to expand and improve the program to include as many children as possible.

Today, we are still growing! As we continue to add classrooms and teachers, we keep in mind our mission. If we utilize love and compassion in our daily care, combined with encouragement for the children to grow and learn all they can, we believe that we can bring forth a change for the better in their lives and the lives of their families. Just as Christ has worked in us, so we will work in your children as if they were our own.

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