Office Staff

Jenny Eisenhofer-Little

Director of The Ark

Bailey Alley

Assistant Director

Christin Rushing

Office Assistant

Critical Development Department

Kylie Jones

C0: Lead Teacher

Stevi Keen

C0: Assistant Teacher

Gabriella Clark

C2: Lead Teacher

Maryah Boling

C2: Assistant Teacher

Amanda Chismar

C1: Lead Teacher

Jennifer Carter

C0: Assistant Teacher

Hope Brant

C3: Lead Teacher

Tanya VanAlst

C3: Assistant Teacher

Primary Childhood Department

Moriah Lowery

P1: Beach Bums

Mary Wilcox

P1: Beach Bums

Amber Kemerly

P2: Lead Teacher

Alexis Davis

P3: Lead Teacher

Hannah Yates

P3: Assistant Teacher

Mikayla Frisz

P4: Lead Teacher

Coming in March of 2021!

P4: Assistant Teacher

Coming in August of 2021!

P4: Lead Teacher

Preschool Department

Sabrina Toffolo

K3: Lead / K4: Co Teacher

Alexis Davis

K3: M/W/F Aid 

Cheryl Farmer

K4: Preschool

Alexis Davis

K5: Preschool

Alexis Davis

K3: T/R Aid

Christina Quinn

K4: M/W/F Aid

Extended Education Department

Coming Soon!

E1: Lead Teacher

Molly Bergman

E2: M/W/F Teacher

Justyce Krajewski

Food Program Manager

Rebecca Estes

Food Program Assistant

Hope Ferguson


The Ark Daycare & Preschool Ministry is a Ministry of Middletown Church of the Nazarene.

The Ark Daycare & Preschool Ministry

698 N 5th Street

Middletown IN 47356

Thank you for being part of our family!

Thank you for being part of our family!