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C2: Pond Hoppers (Infants and young toddlers)

Welcome to our Older infants/Toddlers class!
 This class is for children approximately 12-24 months of age and is designed to help bridge the gap between our infant rooms and our more structured toddler rooms. In this class we begin to introduce more structure. This age group receives more teacher directed activities and more large motor activities than our young infants classroom. Our teachers in this class are dedicated to providing high quality care by providing a sanitary and welcoming environment and assisting our children with learning vital early skills such as vocal play, muscle development & tone, care giver trust, and engagement with their environment while also beginning to foster independence and the emergence of unique personalities. Our teachers work hard to ensure that families are updated quickly and that families feel comfortable and secure with bringing their children to childcare. Our infant & toddler teachers are excellent in helping to shape our emerging kiddos into children that love God and are ready to tackle the world.

Our Classroom

Lesson Plans
Each week, lead teachers will plan age appropriate lesson plans for their classroom. In addition to our school year and summer themes and curriculum, we also use Indiana Early Learning Foundations to ensure that we hit sufficient learning targets for each foundation and age group. For infants & young toddlers, each child will have their very own lesson plan created for them each week. Lesson Plans will be posted within the classroom and will be posted on each family's Parent Portal so that families can examine what activities their children will be working on. Below is a sample of our weekly lesson plan for infants & young toddlers
Meal Information
All families that bring their own meals must fill our our "Safe Transportation of Food Responsibility" Agreement. 
safe transportation of food.PNG
Our facility provides Breakfast, Lunch & two snacks each day for no additional charge.

All family brought lunch boxes must be labeled with the child's name. Each item within the lunch box must be labeled with the child's name and the date.
What Should
I Bring?

Families should provide the following:
1) Diapers

2) Wipes
3) 2 sets of extra clothes
4) Diaper Cream

Families may bring in the following:
1) Pacifier
2) Blanket
3) Diaper Bag/Backpack

*Please note that all items brought from home should be labeled with your child's name.
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