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Preschool Department

The Preschool Department is for children three to five years of age. In this program, we operate 2 classrooms: K3: Busy Bees (3 year olds), and K4: Preschool Adventurers (4 and 5 year olds). There are two Busy Bees classes (MWF and TTh) and three Adventurers classes (MWF am, MWF pm, and TTh). Due to high enrollment rates, we might be adding a fourth Adventurers class in the for the 2020-2021 school year. These classrooms both focus on getting your child ready for elementary school by introducing the fundamentals early. Our phonics program, ZooPhonics, helps prepare your child for Kindergarten by emphasizing letter sounds to encourage reading earlier. Our program has been know to impress Kindergarten teachers and lead to children being more prepared for school. Each child is important to us, and we make sure to show them that by encouraging one on one interaction between them and our teachers.

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